Madis Coffee House: the latest café hit on campus

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Located on the corner of Race St. and Lancaster Ave., Madis Coffee House officially opened its doors to the West Philadelphia community on Nov. 9, 2022 and has been met with much acclaim from Drexel University students. The ambient coffee house gains its name from an acronym created through a combination of the owners’ names...

— Norah Von Yeast

A Substitute to Saxby's and Starbucks

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Madis Coffee Roasters, which opened in January 2023, is one of my new go-to spots! Their pour-over coffees are not only tasty but mesmerizing to watch. I love their Honduran blend, as it has delicious notes of chocolate and hazelnut. All their espresso drinks are crafted with such care, creating a smooth body in the espresso shots. They have a variety of syrups you can add, such as lavender, pumpkin spice, gingerbread, and strawberry. Madis’s menu also offers signature fun beverages, such as their Biscolatte and Cinnamon Honey Spiced Latte! I have tried both, and they hit the spot if you are craving something sweet. It is also a cute café with spots to work or study and an outside patio.

— Cora Hochstetler